Jamie Lynn Spears Teases ‘Zoey 101’ Reboot's ‘Crazy Twists and Turns’

Jamie Lynn Spears is bringing back Zoey 101. Jamie Lynn Spears Zoomed with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Tuesday, October 27, and shared the reboot will feature a bevy of surprises as well as an equally grown-up Zoey. Big sister Britney Spears also helped reimagine the theme song.

“There’s a lot to know,” Jamie Lynn teased. “Obviously, a lot has happened in the last 12 or 15 years, however long it’s been, and 2020 was a crazy year. We’d been focusing on the reboot and giving it to fans at the beginning of the year and with everything that happened, we were like, well, let’s figure out a way we can safely give them something and we figured why don’t we give them a song? Give them something to finish 2020 out on a better note and look forward to the reboot in 2021. So, we're taking a lemon and giving them lemonade and wanted to have fun with it and just engage with the fans.”

Jamie Lynn and the team dropped the reimagined track, "Follow Me (Zoey 101)," produced in collaboration with Chantel Jeffries, after reuniting with her friends and former co-stars for a special first-look event last Sunday.

“With this one, obviously when I was 12 I was probably experiencing a different season in life, so I wanted to rewrite it a little bit and obviously [Britney] and the other co-writers gave it the nod and the OK for us to go on and make it something for today’s generation,” Jamie Lynn added of the theme song and Brit's involvement. “This is all rooted in the brains of my sister so that’s why it’s good,” she added of her famous big sis. “That’s why it’s still good.”

So, what can fans expect from the new Zoey?

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

“We are in the creative part right now, figuring out where Zoey is and where the castmates from PCA are and figuring out how do we tell that story in a modern way for young adults?” she added. “It’s a fine line of making the OG Zoey 101 fans very happy and also inviting the new ones to come in and feel like they’re part of the world as well. … We’ve heard some pretty crazy twists and turns that we're like, ‘We don’t think Zoey would go there?’ So I’m telling you there’s plenty of surprises up our sleeve.”

The actress and songstress, who has also added mom to her resume over the past couple of years, added that Britney’s always helped her navigate through life.

“She’s 10 years older than me so it's essentially like having a second mom, but in a good way,” she shared. “There was never like competition. It was just like a different relationship than sisters that are closer in age.”

Watch back the full interview above and check out the reimagined Zoey 101 theme song as we await the official reboot in 2021!