Ryan Seacrest Shares He’s Realized He Wants Kids: Listen

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Is Ryan Seacrest ready to become a dad? Seacrest shared on-air that he’s realized he might want kids.

“It was weird because you know Halloween changed me,” Seacrest shared. “I said a few weeks ago I’m not so into it and then I saw some of my friends' kids get excited about it and then I see my niece and she’s so beautiful and then I see you,[Sisanie], [with] twins, and I see how happy you are, and I would never in a million years — actually if you asked me when I was 40 a few years ago ‘Do you want kids?’ [I’d say] ‘I don't know’ — and now, all of a sudden, all I can think about is, ‘Wow, how do I do that? I’m getting older. What are the options?’”

Seacrest added that the last couple of months have also had him thinking about having kids.

“Tanya offered her eggs, but I think that’s a pass,” he added on-air after the team started exploring Seacrest’s options to become a father. “That would be strange because we work together.”

Numerous callers then suggested Ryan not worry about age and let it come when the time is right, while another listener encouraged Seacrest to jump on it now as tomorrow is never promised.

“With your respect to wanting a child,” the caller shared, “Tomorrow is never promised. If you want that, do it now. There are lots of options out there, you can foster or adopt.”

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