Sisanie Is Jealous Over This Bedtime Dilemma With Daughter Aiza & Michael

Sisanie is jealous of her husband, Michael, and she’s here to get it off her chest! Ryan Seacrest’s cohost shared on-air that her daughter, Aiza, won’t let her put her to bed — only her hubby Michael can.

“I think we need to call a family meeting because I’m concerned with my reaction, I guess you could say,” Sisanie shared on-air. “It’s been going on for a while so it’s been kind of building up, but Aiza only wants daddy to put her ‘mimi.’ ‘Mimi’ is what we call bedtime.”

Sisanie explained that it’s gotten to the point where she’s legit jealous of Michael's bedtime bond with Aiza.

“Not much stuff gets to you as a mom, especially with [twins], … but it was starting to really eat me up last night and … I got mad!” Sis admitted. “I was legit jealous of Michael and I was mad at Aiza.”

Sisanie continued that she started to make it seem like she and her son, Maxon, were having more fun in their bed with mimi to make them jealous.

“I was trying to make my 2-year-old daughter jealous in the fact that I wasn’t putting her to bed,” Sis admitted. “It’s the most embarrassing thing! … Like, what am I doing?”

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