How Drake Low-Key Played a Huge Role in Travis Scott’s Rise to Fame

Credit: Getty Images

Drake and Travis Scott are inarguably two of the biggest rappers of this era and they’ve even teamed up notably for the Hot 100 topper “Sicko Mode.”

But the truth is, their connection runs much deeper because it was Drake and his main producer Noah “40” Shebib that literally inspired Travis to first start recording after he read one particular post on Drake’s October’s Very Own blog.

"Travis Scott told me this story when I first met him," 40 told Kevin Durant’s podcast The ETCs. "He told me, '40, you did this post on Drake’s blog where you wrote ‘all you need is a microphone, a music interface and a cheap laptop and you can make music.’ You posted that and I went and I showed it to my mom,'" he added. "'I told her she had to buy this and that. I begged her for it and she bought it for me.'"

And, it was Travis’ homespun songs off that very gear that first got him attention and transformed him into one of the biggest artists today.