Hack: The Most Efficient Time of Day to Work Out for Best Results

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Quarantine has no doubt put a damper on a majority of our workout schedules with gym and class closures amid the new socially safe distanced restrictions, but putting in the time to work up a sweat is crucial for your health!

So, what time are you planning on working out today? While some experts argue it’s best to work out first thing in the morning and others argue it’s after work, Seacrest's learned the best time to work out daily for the best results is the same time you did yesterday.

Researchers studied about 400 people who exercise regularly and concluded that the time of day doesn’t make a difference, but working out at the same time every day results in higher levels of physical activity.

Plus, having a routine and scheduled time means you're also less likely to skip it!

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