Lenny Kravitz on Van Halen, His New Book & a Potential New Album By 2021

Lenny Kravitz is telling his own story. The rock star Zoomed with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Thursday, October 8, and shared with Seacrest why penning his memoir, Let Love Rule, ended up being a major therapy session. The “Fly Away” singer also teased that fans can hopefully expect a new album by 2021.

“I didn’t see that coming,” Kravitz admitted to Seacrest while discussing the writing process for his book, which is a deep reflection on his upbringing and life in the limelight. “I never thought to write a book. I took it as a challenge. I was proposed to do a book and I started it. I stopped. I started. I stopped. I almost gave the whole thing up,” he added. “I wasn’t sure about it and then I found my voice. … In writing the book I ended up working out things that needed to be worked out, especially when it comes to the relationship with my father and I.”

Kravitz explained that he and his dad had a “very difficult relationship” and that while they loved each other, it was a challenging relationship.

“I was able to look within him and I saw him as a character, not my father,” Kravitz shared. “…I saw him as a man who was trying to make his way through this life experience with what he had and trying to do the best he could and as I was witting, any judgement that remained just started to evaporate.”

With the book now on shelves and in fans’ hands, Lenny’s now focusing on new music. But he faced a setback when it came to recording during quarantine.

“When I got here 7 months ago, I only thought I was coming here for 5 days but that changed,” he joked of his current location in the Bahamas, where his studio unfortunately suffered a flood.

“Normally when I’m here, I’m in the studio every day,” Kravitz explained. “I couldn’t record so what was interesting was I had to just take in everything that was happening.”

The inability to record, however, allowed him to “marinate” on things longer. 

“It was good; it always works out as it should,” he concluded, teasing new music is now on the way. “I would say top of the year. I’m going to be recording every day until the end of the year and hopefully I’ll have enough to churn an album. I’d like to put something out.”

Watch back the full Zoom interview in the video above for more, including Kravitz's memories of Eddie Van Halen and get your copy of Let Love Rule here.