Giuliana Rancic Details Her Experience Overcoming COVID-19: a ‘Shock’

Giuliana Rancic was shocked to learn she had COVID-19, the E! icon shared with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Thursday, October 8, ahead of the annual Pink Agenda Gala. The E! personality revealed she, along with her husband Bill Rancic and son Duke, had tested positive ahead of the Emmys and that she was unable to travel to Los Angeles to host the virtual red carpet.

“We’re all good, on the other side of things,” Rancic updated Seacrest. “We’re feeling good. We’re back to our daily routine here.”

Rancic explained that they had no idea they had contracted the lethal virus.

“No. You know, actually no, [we had no symptoms]. ‘Minimally symptomatic’ is what my doctor said when we called him and gave him the lowdown on everything that we had tested positive,” Rancic continued. “Honestly, Ryan, it was a shock. I got a test leading up to Emmys. I was going to fly to LA and do the red carpet. Thankfully, E! is very on top of testing and making sure that everyone who was going to be part of the show was in good health.”

Rancic added that it was terrifying to learn her son, 8, had also tested positive.

“It’s one thing if it’s Bill and I, but knowing that Duke did as well, that was definitely concerning,” she admitted. “Bill and I had mild symptoms. He had nothing. He had no symptoms so that was great. He was totally healthy, didn’t even know it.”

Now back to their regular schedule, Rancic was in the middle of helping Duke with virtual school ahead of kicking off the annual Pink Agenda Gala which helps benefit breast cancer patients and survivors. While they can’t hold the gala as usual in NYC, Rancic, a breast cancer survivor herself, added the benefit of virtual events is that everyone can join.

“The good news is people all over the world can be part of it now because it’s virtual,” she explained. “You can be anywhere in the world and join us.”

Watch back the full interview in the audio above to learn more about Giuliana’s involvement with the Pink Agenda and her initiative FAB-U-WISH to grant fabulous wishes to young women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

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