Paris Hilton Admits Carter Reum Is the One: ‘I’ve Found My Forever’

Paris Hilton has found her forever. The socialite-turned-business woman shared with Ryan Seacrest via Zoom on-air on Wednesday, October 7, that she’s finally ready to tie the knot after learning who her true self is. The heiress recently opened up about the childhood trauma and abuse she suffered in a candid new documentary, This Is Paris.

“I feel like the world has a lot of misconceptions about me and nobody really knows who I truly am so I wanted to put it all out there,” Paris shared with Seacrest. “… I’m not a dumb blonde. I’m just very good at pretending to be one.”

In the docu, Paris reveals she was physically, verbally and mentally abused at Utah’s Provo Canyon School after being physically kidnapped from her family home in the middle of the night under her own parent’s consent. The DJ never told her parents or friends, however, that she was abused at the school until now.

“It’s something I’d never told anyone,” Paris explained, adding that her life’s mission is now to shut down Provo and other like-minded schools.

She’s also added getting married and having kids to her life’s plan. Despite being engaged before, Paris told Seacrest that she’s finally found the one — and they’ve already named their babies-to-be given she’s frozen her eggs.

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

“We already talked about it and agreed upon it,” she confirmed of headlines sharing she’s named her eggs. “I haven’t named the boy yet, but the girl is named London Marilyn. … I’m trying to figure out a boy’s name that’s a good city,” she added. “Maybe Paris Jr.”

And her partner will be current boyfriend Carter Reum.

“We just had our 10-month anniversary last week,” Paris gushed. “He’s very romantic. … I’ve never opened my heart ever until now,” she added. “Just from going through so many things in life, I never really truly loved anyone because I didn’t even know who I was and I just wasn’t ready for that type of love and I feel like we met in the perfect time in my life. … Everything happens for a reason because now I’ve found my forever.”

So is Paris ready to officially tie the knot?

“I can’t wait for that next step in my life,” Paris concluded. “I think it’s definitely about finding the perfect person, which I have.”

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