Seacrest Shares Embarrassing Celebrity Encounters That Will Make You Cringe

Let’s just say these instances left Ryan Seacrest, Sisanie and the team mortified! Ryan Seacrest’s cohost Sisanie hilariously admitted on-air that she had an awkward celebrity encounter over the weekend and that her heart is still pounding. The convo lead to Seacrest, Tanya and Patty sharing their own cringe-worthy stories.

“I need to get this off my chest,” Sisanie admitted. “I keep thinking about it and every time I think about it I go, ‘Oooo,' and it kills me every time.”

Sisanie continued that she’s a big fan of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing and while out for a walk with her family, she saw real estate agents and MDL stars Josh and Heather Altman.

The problem? 

Sisanie yelled “Hey! I love Selling Sunset!”

Yep. Wrong show.

Watch back the hilarious on-air moment to find out what happened next and to also find out which celebrity Seacrest once confused while on a jog.