Derek Hough Details New Role on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

On September 14th, 2020, Derek Hough caught up with Seacrest. For Derek Hough, dancing is part of his DNA. We’ve seen this with the collection of wins he and his various partners have secured during "Dancing With the Stars."

This season, Hough’s kicking off the dancing shoes and he is embodying his inner Simon Cowell. However, he’s going to be A LOT nicer.

Hough has been on the show for nine years and 17 seasons. During his lifetime on the show he’s secured six mirrorball trophies. He’s a “6 time champ,” as Seacrest says. This is of course a "DWTS" record that’s going to be tough to break. With this huge collection of trophies and experiences over the years, it seems Hough wanted a bit of a change.

Hough explained to Seacrest, "I feel like I did everything on that show... I've had every type of experience you could possibly imagine. From like embarrassments... bad choices... triumphs... all the things. Being in this part of it and this role, if you will... It feels exciting, it feels new." 

Hough’s addition as a judge comes with a multitude of changes this season. Hough explained, “the judge's table is 85 ft long... It actually looks like the Star Trek enterprise.” Along with that, we have the multi-faceted Tyra Banks as the show’s new Host. This will prove to be an interesting job as there will be no live audience.

Hough explained, "I think that the solutions that they come up with have been really really good... To capture the energy... not to remind you, "oh we're in these crazy times"... but to make it, you know, like it's always felt." 

Lastly, the cast is as fresh and eclectic as ever with the addition of: "Cheer" star Monica Aldama, Backstreet Boys' singer AJ McLean, and none other than "Tiger King" star Carole Baskin.

Seacrest teased Hough, “What do you make of Carol Baskin?” Seacrest continued, "I want you to ask all the questions to Carol Baskin that we want to have answered, did she do it?!" Hough smiled and laughed it off.

This season is slated to be one for the book and "Dancing with the Stars" premieres on Monday, Sept. 14, at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT, on ABC. Listen below for the full interview!