Kevin Hart Tells Hilarious Story About Pregnant Wife Eniko & a Frappuccino

Hormones, man! Kevin Hart shared with Ryan Seacrest a hilarious and all-too-relatable story about his pregnant wife, Eniko Har, via Zoom on Thursday, September 10. The funnyman also shared how overcoming COVID-19 has made him flip “a switch” and reveal his “angrier” self. Plus, he’s taking over the game show space and encouraging you to vote!

“That should drop any day now,” Kevin joked of baby-to-be No. 4. “It could happen during this Zoom interview. I have no idea when the baby is coming, all I know is I want the baby to come fast,” Kevin admitted. “I’ve never seen an angrier and edgier woman in my life.”

Kevin hilariously explained that Eniko is more than ready to give birth.

“She’s at the tail end of it and everything I do is bad,” he joked. “Everything is irritating: Walking in the house; closing the door; ‘Stop slamming it!’ I closed it. I have no idea. ... Nothing is OK. Nothing is OK.”

Case in point? Frappuccinogate.

“She asked me for a, I think it was a Frappuccino or something from Starbucks, and it’s not that far from where we live, but this was the day with the heat,” Kevin continued. “It’s like 120 degrees so I take my car. I go and … I love old school [cars] and I’ve got the top down and it’s hot and I’m driving to Starbucks. I get it and I come home and it melts a little bit and it wasn’t as crisp I guess as it should and she’s like, ‘So I send you to do one thing and you just can’t come back in time?’ And I’m like, ‘What?! You act like I melted it! It’s 120 degrees outside!' [She’s like], ‘Why would drive that car? Why would take that car? You knew that’s what I wanted!’ [I’m like], ‘I’ll go back!’ [She’s like], ‘I don’t want it! Forget it!’”

Comedy aside, Kevin added that after overcoming COVID-19 he’s too found an "angrier" version of himself, which is why he hasn’t been vocal yet about battling the deadly virus.

“I’m talking about it in my new standup special,” he explained. “I have a a lot to say. A lot of good, good, good different things to say. I think in this next special I have an opportunity to be a version of myself that people haven’t seen,” he added. “A little edgier. A little angrier. A little more irritated and rightfully so.”

As for where the anger comes from?

“The fact that I think people have forgotten,” Kevin added. “The anger comes from a little chip on my shoulder. That you may have forgotten how I got to where I am and I think it’s easy to get lost. Some people, when they see you at the top with a successful portfolio it becomes, ‘Oh God. Washed down or a family guy.’ … You forget how I got there. You forget the version of me that opened up those doors so … it’s about inserting a reminder that I can flip that switch on whenever I want. Flipping it off was a choice,” he added. “It was a choice because the road I was going down in my career, in my businesses, etc. But, you know, a little frustration; a little chip made me go, ‘OK.’ This one I’m going to just smack people in the face with a high side of reality and a version of me that you just don’t expect. It’s going to be a lot of head turning and wows.”

Watch back the full interview in the Zoom video above for more, including how Kevin’s collaborating with Will Smith for a remake of classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles as well as why you should vote and how you can get involved. Plus, Celebrity Game Face is here to stay!