Sisanie Shares With Seacrest She (Maybe) Wants to Have Another Baby!

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Is Sisanie ready to have baby No. 3 — or should she just get a fish?😂 Ryan Seacrest’s cohost hilariously shared on-air on Tuesday, August 25, she has an urge for “something new.”

“I think it's like I want something new whether it's a pet or a baby,” Sisanie shared. “I’m thinking crazy these days; blame the quarantine. I don’t know what it is.”

Since obviously a baby and a fish are two very different things, Sisanie explained that they’re ready for baby No. 3 but they’re letting it happen if it happens.

“We’re not trying to have another baby we’re just going to … see what happens,” she explained. “We’re not not trying and we’re also not trying to be super careful. … We’re prepared for the possibility once I take my IUD out.”

So, back to the whole fish thing: Sisanie shared the drama surrounds an alleged “fish curse” that she thinks was placed on her when she was 6 years old ...

Listen back to find out what happened in the audio above 😂