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John Legend Shares How Chrissy Teigen Told Him She Was Expecting Baby No. 3

John Legend is about to be outnumbered! The EGOT winner Zoomed with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, August 20, on the heels of announcing with wife Chrissy Teigen they’re expecting baby No. 3.

The couple shared the exciting news via Legend’s new music video for recently released track “Wild” off his seventh studio album Bigger Love.

“We are expecting! We are very excited,” Legend shared with Seacrest. “…We were completely in shock because we never had a natural pregnancy,” the dad of two added. “Both Luna and Miles were conceived via IVF and we just thought it couldn’t happen for us and we were OK with that because IVF worked and we got two wonderful babies out of it and they’re the joys of our life so we were fine with not being able to not naturally conceive. But, look what the quarantine has brought in our lives,” he jokingly added. “We spent enough time together. I stopped traveling. … So who knows what the reasons were it wasn’t working before.”

So how did Chrissy break the news to him?

“It’s crazy because when I was doing press for the new album, which just came out, Bigger Love, I was saying ‘this is good baby-making music’ and now that everybody’s spending all this time at home together, who knows what will come from it, and the craziest thing is we found out the morning the album released. That’s when she showed me the pregnancy test,” Legend added. “Because I woke up at 3 a.m. so I could do East Coast time Good Morning America and she woke up with me and she’s like, ‘I wonder why I’m a little late; I should take a test.’ And she took a test and there we were. It said ‘pregnant’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’”

The "Wild" singer added that mini-me Luna, 4, and Miles, 2, took the news differently.

“We didn’t want to tell them until we had done all the testing and make sure everything was OK,” Legend shared. “Chrissy was worried because since we’d never done it naturally before she was just worried that something was going to go wrong and so you just want to wait a little bit before you tell the kids. … So we wanted to just make sure everything was OK and then we told them. Luna is very excited. She’s like close to mommy’s belly all the time and kissing it and wants to take care of it. Miles, not so much,” Legend hilariously added. “I don’t think he’s so into it yet. He might be a little jealous, who knows, but Luna is very into it.”

With his hands full, Legend’s still taking time to encourage fans to vote. The Grammy-winning singer has been lending his talent performing during the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

“I think it’s a fitting way to talk about the work that needs to be done and to honor one of our great leaders that we just lost, John Lewis,” Legend teased of his performance tonight of “Glory” with Common. “[Vote] … and make sure your voice is heard.”

Watch back the full interview in the video above for more, including to hear why Legend lives like a “monk” while on tour.

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