Katy Perry Reveals What Pulled Her Out of Serious Depression

Katy Perry is preparing for the arrival of two personal creations: her album Smile and her first baby with Orlando Bloom. While she’s happier than ever, she opened up in the new issue of People magazine about that dark days she faced after the release of her last album Witness which was her first project that wasn’t a critical or commercial success compared to the massive records that came before it.

"After being on a rocket ship just going straight up it was just a small change in the trajectory but it felt seismic leading to 2 1/2 years of trying to find my footing," she shared with People.

And although it lead to a lot of pain and soul searching about who she is to herself she wouldn’t change a thing.

"It got me out of this desperate loop of trying to be the best pop star ever," Katy added. "Now I just really want to be a human being and have the dimension of life. I get to live life and I get to bring life into the world. Finding the gratitude in this pain has been a real journey but the outcome is worth it.”

Smile arrives on August 28th.