Don Lemon Drops Hilarious ‘CNN Gossip' With Ryan Seacrest

Don Lemon is dishing out more than just hard news. The CNN anchor hilariously issued some "CNN gossip" while chatting with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Thursday, July 30. Lemon also shared why you should tune in to his new podcast, Silence Is Not an Option.

Lemon’s podcast covers the current crisis in America and explores what you can do to help by engaging in challenging and uncomfortable yet important conversations with activists, artists, and thinkers about our nation’s deep racial divide.

“This format, you get to dig deeper,” Lemon shared of the podcast. “… I wanted to dig deeper on these issues especially because we’re sitting at home, you know, with a quarantine and we’re seeing all these things happen, especially when it comes to race and people are open and they’re vulnerable and they’re saying, ‘Hey, what can I do?’ … People are actually talking to each other so I figured it’s the right time to dig into these issues in a way that you can’t necessarily do on TV.”

Speaking of what you can’t necessarily share on TV, Lemon and Seacrest lightheartedly dished on some insider info when it comes to CNN’s beloved anchors, including Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and Wolf Blitzer.

Listen back to the full chat in the audio above to find out which CNN personality is a “rager” and more hilarious intel.

Check out Lemon’s podcast below: