Sisanie & Seacrest Get Into Hilarious Coffee Ice Cube Debate: Who Is Right?

Let’s just say it ended with Patty Rodriguez presenting a full-on demonstration with ice and water to prove their point.

ICYMI, it all started after Sisanie shared she was drinking iced coffee on-air.

“If you don’t want your rosé to get watery or your coffee to get watery, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it and it won’t get watery,” Ryan Seacrest shared.

“But then you have double coffee,” Sisanie added, igniting the great debate.

“It’s not double. It just fills up higher,“ Ryan stated. “It might be more coffee, but it’s not stronger coffee.”

Sisanie was adamant, however, that it would indeed be more coffee and hence more caffeine. So, who is right? We went as far as to get a local barista on the line 😂

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