Tracee Ellis Ross Might Have the Funniest Toilet Paper Pandemic Story Yet

Tracee Ellis Ross in quarantine is all of us. The High Note actress Zoomed with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Friday, July 17, and shared all-too-relatable toilet paper and fiddle leaf fig stories with us.

While chatting about what we learned during the first round of COVID-19 lockdown in Los Angeles, Tracee laughed she too had a toilet paper moment and has become one with her plants.

“I’ve learned the best use of me is not mopping my floors. I can do it. I’m great at it, but I feel like there is better usage of me,” she joked. “I’ve also learned I have a green thumb. My fiddle leaf fig has become my best of friends, we talk all the time,” she added in regards to the trendy house plant that’s tricky to keep alive. “It’s beautiful. It was neglected before the pandemic.”

And, of course, it wasn’t the first round of COVID-19 lockdown unless you freaked out about stocking up on an item or two.

“I have such a funny story when you said about toilet paper,” Tracee told Ryan. “So when everything started — I usually keep a good stock, but I was like ‘We’ve got to get some toilet paper!’ —so on Amazon I ordered what looked like a 24-case of toilet paper and it took me 2 and half months to get it and it finally arrived, [and] I’m not joking you, it was like for a doll house,” she hilariously shared. “These teeny little rolls of toilet paper. I’ve never seen anything funnier.”

Tracee and Ryan agreed they both need to get better at reading the fine print. Ryan’s received a doll-size ice bucket and Tracee also accidentally ordered a surplus amount of Jell-O.

Prior to social distancing and TP drama, the actress filmed The High Note alongside Dakota Johnson which tells the tale of the fast-paced world of Hollywood's music scene.

“This is a feel good movie,” Tracee teased. “This is what it’s going to give you: some good music, some great fashion and some feel goods. … It’s a story about no matter the phase, the place, the time of your life, it’s never too late to go for your dreams. It’s about two women who are on parallel paths and not working against each other. Both of them fighting against a world that thinks they shouldn’t be doing what they want to be doing.”

Have you watched The High Note yet? Stream it on-demand now! Catch the full interview with Tracee in the video above to see her thriving fiddle leaf fig and more!

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