Sisanie's Husband Got Something Suspicious In the Mail and Um ...

Bikinis and Las Vegas? We have questions! Sisanie hilariously revealed on-air on Thursday, July 9, that her husband Michael got a suspicious flyer in the mail for a bikini brand sent from Las Vegas that she’s never shopped at — and it had Michael’s name on it.

“The photo on the postcard is literally a girl’s chest in a bikini,” Sisanie shared. “She’s pulling the bikini strings — it’s very intense I would say. … [And,] I’ve never heard of Frankie’s Bikinis. … I asked Michael ‘What is this?’ And he just kind of played dumb and that was it.”

Ryan Seacrest then joked that this “sounds like an email I would read from Ryan’s Roses.”

We then got Michael on the mic and asked him upfront about the flyer.

“I feel like this is a Ryan’s Roses bit here and I’m trying to figure out what happened,” Michael hilariously agreed. “Frankie’s Bikinis? I don’t know.”

The convo then turned to “trendy lingerie” that Michael once bought Sisanie and you have to relive the hilarious moment in the video above and Seacrest's reaction.

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