Viral Bride & Groom Detail Those Powerful First Look Protest Photos

A couple in Philadelphia have gone viral after they joined protesters before their wedding ceremony during their “first look.” Dr. Kerry Anne and Michael Gordon's secret wedding has since become a national symbol of love and hope after postponing their wedding due to COVID-19.

“This was supposed to be a quiet, not-very-known-about event to take place as we had to postpone our formal wedding due to the pandemic,” Michael shared with Ryan Seacrest on-air. “So that’s still outstanding for 2021 however we just wanted to get our union started, get our lives started.”

Kerry Anne explained they were waiting to have their “first look” but that she forgot her bouquet in the hotel room. While her videographers were grabbing it, she was waiting outside in the sun.

“I really went to take shade which happened to be a few feet away from where the protest was so at that moment … the crowd really just you know took off … and everyone just started to surround me,” she added. “And then we had our first look at that moment. … That was the first time we saw each other on our wedding day.”

The stunning and powerful photos and videos started to go viral and after getting messages from random people, the couple knew their secret was out.

“Our families actually weren’t aware this was happening,” Kerry Anne admitted. “It was completely news to them so I had to apologize to my side of the family. … They found out on the backend and not in the way we were planning on telling them.”

That said, there were no hard feelings.

“It was just all love, all positivity,” Michael concluded. “There was nothing negative at all and we were just glad our small moment … had a chance to be a part of that. …We just feel so proud that a positive message, a positive image, has finally been kind of placed at the forefront of the movement. … Love for everyone is all we saw out there.”

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