Nurse Shares How to Safely Peacefully Protest During COVID-19

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Lorna Johnson, a Los Angeles-based nurse, is doing her part in demanding protection and rights for nurses and other frontline healthcare workers fighting against COVID-19. Johnson shared that protesters can also do their part, but they need to be diligent about safety.

“This time people are speaking out, being brave citizens protesting for justice, asking them to protect themselves and stay healthy is crucial and the way to do that, when they’re out there, they need to wear masks, gloves, [and] make sure they get tested and be a part of the fight,” Johnson shared. “We support that. We support what they’re doing as long as they’re doing it peacefully.”

Johnson, whose message amidst peaceful protests is “masks, gloves and testing must be part of the fight against the pandemic of unequal justice,” also stressed that people need to protect their eyes, as Coronavirus can spread through the eyes, just as it does through the mouth or nose.

Johnson added her petition via is for the nurses who are also at war.

“My goal is to support nurses because this pandemic is a crisis of epic proportion," she explained. "...When soldiers go to war, they’re usually given some priority of service, protection, so we’re asking the same thing for these nurses that are at the frontline. I feel that they’re at war. They need the proper gear. … They don’t have the right protection that they need so I’m fighting for making sure they have all the gear, … [that] they have childcare … [and] medical insurance and grief counseling including mental health.”

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