Why Katy Perry Says the Meaning of "Daisies" Has Changed

Katy Perry kicked off GMA’s Summer Concert Series this morning with a performance from home of her new song “Daisies," which was written well before the pandemic changed our lives. But now that it has, Katy feels like the song has taken on an entirely new meaning.

"I've had all this time to reflect and realized I've taken some things for granted or put my dreams on a shelf and always thought they would be reachable but never thought that my simple freedoms could be taken from me in such a weird way," she told PopCrush Nights. "We're still on edge, [but when it’s time], we are going to dance until we all have until we have callouses on our feet. I hope ‘Daisies’ can help remind you that you got another chance at living your best life."

Stream “Daisies” out now.