Katy Perry Reveals More Album Easter Eggs, Talks ‘Daisies’ & 'Idol’ Finale

Katy Perry’s new track “Daisies” is the empowerment we need right now. The pregnant songstress Zoomed with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Friday, May 15, on the heels of the release of new track “Daisies” off her forthcoming fifth studio album.

The track is an empowering song about making your dreams come true no matter what one anyone tells you.

“Each of us is one in more than seven billion, with our own story of strength and resilience to tell,” Katy previously shared on social. “I hope it will be the soundtrack to going for your dreams now.”

The track follows Katy’s “Never Worn White,” which she also used to announce her pregnancy with fiancé Orlando Bloom. Both tracks will be featured on KP's album dropping August 14th.

“We want to keep it adventurous, this whole album launch,” Katy shared with Seacrest, sharing how she’s partnered with Amazon’s Alexa. “So we plant things here and there. That’s been on for awhile and it took the fans a couple weeks to figure it out.”

And there are more Easter eggs for fans to uncover as we await the drop of Katy’s highly-anticipated album.

“[It’s fun] because, you know, people go on a little bit of a hunt and you have something to look forward to,” Katy added. “But not everything is an Easter egg,” she joked. “Some flowers are just flowers.”

That said, there are some clues hidden in the virtual flower shop she launched in support of the album.

“[There are] 12 bouquets on there and they may or may not have something to do wth the songs on the record,” Katy teased. “It’s almost like you get all these pieces of the puzzle and it all starts to come together.”

Speaking of coming together, Katy and the rest of the American Idol team did just that after having to halt production due to COVID-19. The show has since carried on virtually from contestants, Seacrest’s and the mentor’s homes

“I’m glad we did and I think we should be so proud of what our producers putt together,” Katy reflected ahead of this Sunday’s finale. “We’re on call to make sure someone gets crowned American Idol this season, season 3 on ABC, and like you said maybe you’ve heard ‘Oh, the talent is amazing this season’ but I do feel like our show is becoming a place where people are actually trusting it,” Katy concluded. “Legitimate artists, singer-songwriter kids are using it as an additional platform aside from their own hustle.”

Watch back the full interview in the video above and stream “Daisies” out now. Catch the season finale of American Idol live on Sunday, May 17, on ABC at 8/7c!