Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw on the Future of Major League Baseball

Ryan Seacrest chatted with Clayton Kershaw and his wife, Ellen, via Zoom on Thursday, April 30, about the future of major league baseball and how they are giving back during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“I do have déjà vu,” the Dodgers pitcher admitted. “I’ve been watching old baseball games. … I want to be out there I want to play … so we’re hopeful, we’re optimistic that some type of baseball can be played at some point this year and I’m trying to prepare like we might actually have a season.”

The pro athlete shared that he believes playing in empty, fan-free stadiums is likely the “inevitable” start.

“I think we’re going to have no fans for the foreseeable future,” he explained, adding that he’s also spending his time helping give back to those in need with both the Dodgers Foundation as well as his own initiative, Kershaw's Challenge, of which they'll be personally matching donations.

Listen back for more in the audio above.

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