Sisanie, Tanya & Patty's Virtual Date Night Got Lit: Watch Ryan Recap

A.) Yum! And B.) Hilarious. Sisanie, Tanya Rad and Patty Rodriguez enjoyed a virtual triple date the other night using the ingredients from Ryan Seacrest’s quarantine gift basket and let’s just say it started off with Patty thinking Tanya was naked and Sisanie and her hubby drinking three bottles of wine

“We had a Zoom dinner party and we made the pasta and the risotto that you gifted us in our little gift basket last week,” Sisanie shared with Ryan. “It was so good.”

Ryan, as listeners are well aware, tends to get many texts and photos from boozy nights from the squad.

“I was trying to watch [TV]… and all of a sudden my phone was going off,” Ryan recapped.

Fun fact? The olive oil Ryan gifted them is made by Guess owner Maurice Marciano!

Watch back the on-air moment to relive the highlights and find out when the next Zoom party will be that fits better with Seacrest's hours