Megan Thee Stallion on TikTok & Getting a Degree in Health Administration

Hotgirl Meg is in the Zoom! Megan Thee Stallion Zoomed with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, April 29, to chat all things TikTok, why she’s studying for a degree in Health Administration and also how she’s helping cancer patents amid COVID-19 lockdown.

As fans are well aware, the “Savage” artist has been busy studying amid quarantine and her inspiration to stay in school stems in honor of her mom, Holly Thomas, who passed away from a brain tumor in March 2019. 

“I always wanted to be an artist,” Megan shared with Seacrest. “Obviously I want to do things with my degree, but I always wanted to be poppin’ Megan Thee Stallion.”

And she’s conquering both. The "Hot Girl Summer" artist’s tracks including “Savage,” “Captain Hook” and now “Suga” are all hits and inspiring millions of TikTok dances daily.

“I want to open up these assisted living facilities in Houston, that’s where I’m from, so I’m like well, might as well get my degree in this field,” Megan added. “At fist I thought I wanted to be a nurse and then I got in the program and started taking the prerequisite classes for it and I was like 'I don’t like this,'” she continued. “I’m not interested in anatomy and physiology were so hard, there’s like a million bones in your body and your body is doing a bunch of things, … I was like ‘I don’t like this!’"

The “Hot Girl Summer” rapper is also lending a helping hand amid COVID-19 quarantine, bringing smiles to fan faces and hosting a virtual hangout for cancer survivors who are in isolation.

“This is just a really crazy time and people handle things in different ways,” Megan shared. “And I just want to make sure if there is anything I can do to put a smile on somebody’s face, I want to do it.”

Click here to learn more about her virtual hang and how to signup and watch back the full interview in the video above!