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Kelly Clarkson Hilariously Zooms With Us Sideways, Dishes on ‘I Dare You’

She might not be a good cook, but she can learn new languages like a pro! Kelly Clarkson Zoomed into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday, April 17, and shared how she and the family are doing amid COVID-19 quarantine and also how her powerful new track, “I Dare You,” came about. She also, um, just so happened to accidentally be sideways 😂

Kelly dropped "I Dare You" on Thursday, as well as multiple duets of the song performed in English and five other languages with native-speaking artists.

“This song actually I think because there’s so many writers on it was sent to several different artists at once,” Kelly shared of how she scored the track. “This song is so good it got bit by everyone. … One artist was really kind — I don’t want to call the person out — [but] one person called and was like ‘Do you have that song on hold too?’ … And they politely bowed out which is really cool because I had this whole concept for the song, of recording it in different languages, before the pandemic. … I thought it would be a cool message.”

Kelly was joined by French songstress Zaz for the French version, Moroccan performer Faouzia for the Arabic version, Blas Cantó for the Spanish version, Israeli songstress Maya Bouskilla for the Hebrew version and electropop duo Glasperlenspiel for the German version.

“[It was] really difficult,” she admitted. “German, French and Spanish I grew up singing in so that was a little easier [but] the Hebrew and Arabic were very difficult for me.”

What’s also been difficult for Kelly? Her son Seth's math homework!

“We’re stir-crazy like everyone,” Kelly said of being quarantined at their ranch in Montana. “We have three kids in school [at home] that don’t want to be. … The schooling, man, … it’s been a struggle bus and I suck at cooking so there’s that.”

The songstress, who hilariously realized she was sideways mid-way through the interview, has obviously known Seacrest from the start of her career and got emotional after Seacrest noted her accomplishments and success.

“Are you trying to Oprah me right now? Am I going to cry on your show?” the American Idol alum joked. “That’s like really nice and I’ve been trapped for awhile so talking to adults is like really fun.”

Watch back the interview in the video above and stream “I Dare You” out now!