Ryan Seacrest Surprises COVID-19 Patient With Video Message: Watch

Ryan Seacrest surprised a COVID-19 patient alone in the hospital in Madrid with a sweet video message after the patient's friend tweeted his video request at Seacrest.

In the video, the patient named Patrick can be seen using all his energy to record the message, revealing his favorite celebrities consist of Henry Cavill and Seacrest.

“Hey @RyanSeacrest, it’s a long shot but my friend has COVID-19, and is stuck in the hospital in madrid, thousands of miles away from his family with no visitors,” Patrick’s friend Lesley then tweeted at Seacrest. “He has loved you as long as i’ve known him. you’re his inspiration and he would just love a quick video message.”

Seacrest, who has been off the air the past week but will return on Monday, sent back video for Patrick on Twitter, adding:

“Thinking of you, Patrick, and everyone around the world going through this too. Times are tough, but your hope and positive spirit are what we all need to see right now. We’re all rooting for you! Stay strong.”

Watch back the videos above and join us in continuing to follow CDC guidelines to stay safe as we spread kindness, always.