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Chris Harrison Reveals If He Thinks Peter Weber and Madison Will Last

Holy moly the season 24 finale of The Bachelor was intense to say the least. Host Chris Harrison phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, March 11, and spilled the behind-the-scenes tea on that epic showdown with contestant Madison Prewett and Peter Weber’s mom, Barb, as well as if he thinks Peter and Madison will last. 

ICYMI the now-infamous TV showdown, Peter Weber proposed to Hannah Ann after Madison left the series only to then break up with Hannah Ann a month after filming prior to the live finale. Harrison then helped reunite Madison and Peter and Peter and Madison professed their love for each other during the finale much to Peter’s mom Barb’s dismay. And by dismay we mean legitimate hatred ... 

“That was one of the wildest two hours of television I think I’ve ever hosted,” Harrison admitted to Seacrest on-air. “I did not see Barb coming. Obviously I knew what was happening with [Peter’s] relationships … but what I really didn’t see — I knew Barb wasn’t happy, I could tell by the body language and by saying ‘Hi’ to her so I knew she was in a bit of a mood — but I did not understand how angry she was going to be with her son, with Madison— with the whole thing.”

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24

As the internet is now well aware, Barb flat out voiced her disappointment and disproval in her son’s decisions and said Peter needs to “fail to succeed” in choosing Madison over Hannah Ann.

And, it was all over Madison allegedly being rude to Peter’s family, making them wait three hours prior to their hometown date and more which Barb insinuated viewers didn’t see on-camera.

“I honestly don’t know what rubbed her the wrong way,” Harrison said. “I will say one thing on Madison’s behalf: Them being late was just as much on Peter as it was Madison. The reason they were late was they were having a discussion out front and they were having a discussion of ‘Are we going to do this?’ … So it wasn’t just Madison throwing a fit or doing her makeup and being late, it was Peter as well.”

So does Chris think the couple will last?

“I will tell you guys this: I saw Peter and he was visibly upset, he was really upset. … I really kept trying to turn the page for Barb and just say 'Look, can’t we get past this?' … Being a parent myself I understand Barb, … but there’s — in my opinion — there’s ways to be right and be wrong at the same time. I’m not saying she’s wrong with what she’s saying but was she really right in how she did it? Maybe that wasn’t the time and place but I don’t know where it goes from here, long story short," he admitted. "I really don’t know. I know Peter was extremely upset and so was Madison and I don’t know how Peter goes home,” he jokingly concluded. “I fully expected to see him on my porch last night.”

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