Kristen Bell Does These 2 Parenting Moves Everyone Should Try

Kristen Bell has all the mom moves! The actress opened up about teaching her children the power of sharing in an interview for Self magazine. As Sis shared on-air, Bell and her two kids with husband Dax Shepard (daughters Delta, 5, and Lincoln, 7) do not have their own rooms because they believe sharing a bedroom will help them develop good character. 

“If that’s the worst thing about your life, that you have to share a bedroom with your sister, you’re going to be OK,” Bell told the magazine.

Another parenting hack Sisanie got from the interview was that Bell doesn’t mind being the bad guy, as long as Delta and Lincoln have a solid dynamic between them. For example, she recently found a lot of success when she can get her daughters to gang up on her.

“When they treat each other the worst, I have to say something like, ‘Well I’m just glad you guys aren’t ganging up on me,’ and that gives them this idea of, ‘Ooh, we can team up and battle mom together,’” she shared, explaining she cares more that they’re forming a bond.