Meet Tep No: Ryan Seacrest's New Fave Artist Performs Live In-Studio

Meet Tep No! Ryan Seacrest brought his latest favorite artist, Tep No, in the studio on Thursday, February 20. The Canadian producer, DJ and electronic artist is behind Seacrest’s current go-to track “Toluca Lake.”

ICYMI, Seacrest won the On Air With Ryan Seacrest’s team's Super Bowl bet and chance to create the Friday 102.7 “KIIS Mix” playlist and chose to include Tep No’s music, introducing Sisanie and Tanya Rad to the artist. Seacrest then DM’d the man behind the mysterious moniker and invited him in-studio.

“I was surprised,” Tep No shared of when he received Ryan’s DM. “I was like, ‘Wow! Really? Ryan Seacrest? That’s something else.”

The “Who We Are” singer broke out onto the scene with his first release “Promises” back in May 2014 and is originally from Montreal, with his first language being French.

“I make so many songs and there's obviously going to be way more songs in the future,” he updated Seacrest. “I don't know what to say, like, sometimes it's a shock like the whole journey — you never think that you'd get where you are,” he reflected. “I just wanted to make the best music out there and you know not care so much like what's going on in the pop world and … just make music that was true to myself.”

Tep No concluded he’s also going to start booking shows, kicking off potentially with a performance in Santa Barbara on May 16.

Watch back the full interview in the videos above to learn more and stream Tep No’s music available everywhere now! 

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