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ABC Exec Rob Mills Reveals If Tanya Rad Can Go on ‘The Bachelor’ or Not

Is Tanya Rad going on The Bachelor? All signs point to possibly! After weighing the option on-air following Ryan Seacrest’s interview with season 24 Bachelor Peter Weber, ABC executive Rob Mills phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday, January 14, and shared whether or not Tanya could be a contestant.

“This is very exciting, and, I have to say, listening to this earlier, I was struck by how good Ryan is,” Mills, who is the Vice President of Alternative Series at ABC, shared, joking that “if there’s ever a problem with Chris Harrison” Seacrest could easily fill in.

Mills, who is aware of Tanya’s connection to #BachelorNation, confirmed she’s “almost an honorary cast member” already and that yes, it’s a possibility. 

“If Ryan says we’ve got to put her on, you’re on,” he added.

So what about work and the radio show?

“This is one of our questions: Will your boss give you the time off?” Mills continued. “So Bachelor is mid-September through right before Thanksgiving and you know we go on the road, [but] certainly there’s exceptions made for certain things. I guess we could try to put an ISDN line in every place that we go … and you can, you know, check in. … We can certainly look into this.”


“We. Can. Certainly. Look. Into. This!!!”

Mills continued by asking which former bachelors or contestants Tanya’s been interested in to gauge her type.

“I like the Ben Higgins' of the world; the Shawn Booth's of the world — like wholesome,” Tanya answered, after previously admitting that dating someone who is also dating a handful of others might be difficult for her.

“What’s great about The Bachelor is you’re there for 24 hours with just your thoughts so you will get the answer to those questions even if you don’t find Mr. Right,” Mills added. “… I promise you, we will have you married within one year, two years.”

(Yes, we’re semi-freaking out!!!)

Watch back the on-air moment above to hear more, including what Mills also thinks about our girl Sisanie getting on the next season of Dancing With the Stars!