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Tanya Rad: My Vision Board for 2020

Every year when I do my vision boards I really decide on my vibe for the year – what is the one thing I want to center & focus around.

For 2019 that word was Radiant. For 2020 my word is LEVEL UP!

I want to LEVEL UP in my career, my faith, my physical health, my mental health, my fashion, my friendships, my accountability to MYSELF! Just a major LEVEL UP!

I put a road on my vision board because I want to remember that I’m only moving forward – I’m not looking back!!! I want forward momentum!

I have never been to Paris and have decided that this is the year to finally make that a destination spot!

This is also the year I write my book! I have been talking about wanting to do it for so long now … this is the year I finally get it done!

I also put the word LOVE in the center because I want everything I do to be rooted in that word. Every job I take, every opportunity I walk into, every room I’m in. I want it to be centered in love and I want that to be a big focus!

I also have the poster for The Two Popes on there because I want to work the Oscars in some way this year!! It would be a dream to work that carpet so I'm dreaming big!

My red Starbursts are on there because the first pack I opened in the new year was 2 red’s and I felt it a sign.. so I put both on there!

Also want to remember to be myself ALWAYS so that’s why that quote is on there!

“Women of the Year” is a symbol for the Billboard Women in Music list that I’ve always prayed I’d be part of at some point!

And I want to remember to stay vulnerable. I think that’s the one thing I never want to lose as I continue on in this industry. I want to stay vulnerable, stay excited, stay open, and stay hungry! 

What's on your vision board this year? Sound off on social @TanyaRad