Everything You Need to Know About Tanya's Workbook 'Calling In The One'

Tanya Rad here! On the very last day of 2019 I finished my workbookCALLING IN THE ONE.

I've received a ton of questions about the workbook and wanted to share with you all that I got from it:

1) It helped me realize patterns in my dating life that weren’t serving me.

2) It made me take a deeper look into my insecurities & face them head on.

3) It forced me to address wounds I’ve held on to -- and finally let them go!

And these are just a few of the things this workbook helped me realize. It is 49 lessons and you work on one a day. You need to stay focused and diligent and really intentional with this process. 

AND! I want to pass my used workbook to someone else that is really ready to undergo this process -- seriously! I’ve highlighted some lines that struck me -- while it’s worn and torn! -- I really want to pass it on so let me know why YOU are ready for this on social @TanyaRad!

Be prepared to be enlightened and then pass it on once you are done too! See below a few of my highlighted passages and click here to also order the book.