Sisanie Shares Why 2020 Is Already the Best Calendar Year Ever


Things are shaping up nicely for 2020! Sisanie shared on-air on Monday, January 6, with Ryan Seacrest why 2020 is already the best calendar year. Halloween on a Saturday? Yes please!

2020 is a leap year, which kicks things off, and 2020 also marks the team’s trip to visit Seacrest’s hometown in Georgia.

There will also be TWO Friday the 13ths this year in March and November.

“420 is technically an entire month,” Sis jokingly added, revealing that Cinco de Mayo magically falls on Taco Tuesday this year too!


See all of the fun dates laid out below:

  • Tour de Seacrest will be on March 6
  • There will be two Friday the 13ths in March and November
  • “420” is technically an entire month
  • Cinco de Mayo is on a Taco Tuesday!
  • The Fourth of July is on a Saturday! (And, yes, you will still get a holiday workday. Legally your work gives you that Friday or Monday off)
  • The 2020 summer olympics will be in Tokyo
  • Halloween will be on a Saturday!
  • The presidential election will be on a Tuesday
  • Christmas and New Years Day will both be on a Friday this year!
Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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