Find Out Sisanie's Post-Holiday Storage Organizational Tips!


It’s time to get ready for the New Year! And that means, sadly, taking down all of your holiday decorations. In the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie, Sis is getting organized and this year she wants to make sure she starts off on the right foot.

“We’re trying to organize everything and put all the Christmas decorations away,” Sisanie shares in the video above. “… And if you know me — I wouldn’t call myself a control freak, but I would call myself some sort of organized, type-A type of person — I love organization.”

To do so, Sisanie visited her local Home Depot to get more bins for her holiday decor storage. As Sis explained, she has different color-coordinated bins for each holiday like Halloween and Christmas, etc.

“I feel better if my house is organized,” she added. “… I personally think it’s like a health benefit to be organized.”

Watch back the video above to see what the Home Depot has to offer and also to learn some of Sisanie’s pro tips, including how to store ornaments with smaller compartments to keep them from breaking.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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