Tanya Rad: How to Make a Vision Board

If you guys know me you know I’m VERY passionate about vision boards I make one every single year, and I’ve been doing it for the last 7+ years!

I do it every year the first week of a brand new year, but this is the week I start setting my intentions and really thinking about goals for the year to come.

Here’s the method behind how I prep for my vision board:

  1. I pick 1 WORD that I will filter everything through in the new year. This is a word you want to embody/bring about in your life. Last year my word was RADIANCE.
  2. I set some goals (big and small).I think about what I want my year to look like spiritually, physically, professionally, and relationships.
  3. Then the first week of the new year I go through some magazines, pluck some photos, and make my board.

I keep my board in my kitchen so I can see it and be reminded daily. I also have a stack of my previous vision boards. It’s always fun to go back and see what has come about in my life and what is yet to come!

Happy visioning and tag me @TanyaRad if you make any so we can all get inspired by each other ☺

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