Answering Your DMs: Dating Life & Being a Modern Woman

Hi everyone! Back with more answers to your DMs! This round, I thought I'd focus on dating and being a #ModernWoman because I get these questions A LOT.

How do you differentiate in being a Modern Woman and letting a man pursue you?

Being a modern woman to me means being unapologetically YOURSELF.. which could mean different things to different women.

For me, when I like someone I make it known… I’m honest about how I’m feeling… I’m not shy about asking someone for a drink…. I believe in give & take.

That being said, I love allowing a man to lead and setting the date, setting the time, picking me up… I believe so much in chivalry & I love allowing a man to do that.

I truly believe it’s a balance and a dance, and with the right partner… it will just be easy! If you both want to see each other you’ll make it happen, but there’s nothing wrong with expressing your want to see them!

How to stay positive about finding your person when everyone around you has theirs?

Well first off girlfriend, join the club. After I graduated college I watched each one of my girlfriends get married one by one… then have babies.. and so on and so forth… and I’m still keepin’ it sansy in the city.

At the end of the day I know timing is EVERYTHING in life. I give 100% of myself into my relationships and I believe God has kept me single these past few years is to throw my all into my career.

I’ve been making steps in my career I never dreamed would or could happen… and I believe I will meet & marry the man I’m supposed to when the timing is right. You have to trust in the process but also have FUN in the process. Once you find your person – you’re going to be dreaming of the days you could sleep in and do whatever you wanted – so take advantage of it now!

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