Download Tanya’s 3.0 Worksheet and Learn More Here

Tanya Rad is inspired to make some changes and grow mentally, spiritually and physically. Tanya shared on-air on Monday, October 28, that she’s created her own “Tanya 3.0” worksheet that you too can download.


"Sometimes there are moments in life where you feel a little complacent," Tanya explained. "I feel like I’ve been so go-go-go recently and I haven’t been taking time for myself. I really want to push myself to get into the best shape that I can in these specific four areas so I decided to make a visual goal chart for myself. For me, it helps when I have something I can see and check in with. The four areas are Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Professional. In each box, I set goals for myself as well as books I want to read to push me in that area," Tanya continued. "I really want to go into 2020 the BEST VERSION of myself so HERE I GO!!! Spending the close of 2019 to refine and it’s time for the TANYA TUNE-UP!"

As Tanya shared, "accountability is priceless, so let’s do it together!"

To "download" the sheet below, click and drag the image to your desktop or save the image on your phone in your photos and print and fill out the template.

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