Tanya Rad Gives Ryan & Sisanie the Final ’No Post Malone’ Update

“No Post Malone” is no more. Tanya Rad shared with Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie on-air on Tuesday, October 22, that her relationship with the mystery man we dubbed “No Post Malone” has ended.

“I love sharing my dating stories … but this one felt significant to me [so I wanted to keep it more private],” Tanya explained as to why she didn’t give the radio fam the frequent updates per usual. “And it’s kind of — not embarrassing in a way — but when we decided to not date anymore, I felt it really hard. I cried the whole next day.”

While they only dated for a couple of months, Tanya continued that she was upset because she was finally excited about this guy.

“I think it was easy for me when the door closed [before] … because it ended because that wasn’t the guy for me,” Tanya added. “… It just takes two to tango,” she concluded. “My takeaway was from my whole experience if this guy wasn’t for me, the guy that is for me is going to be even more amazing because I didn’t think guys like him existed but they clearly do.”

Watch back the video above to find out more, including Ryan and Sisanie’s advice for Tanya.