Sisanie Goes Inside Terrifying ‘IT Experience Chapter Two’ Horror Pop-Up


Beware! The town of Derry, Maine, has come to life for the IT Experience Chapter Two and Sisanie is taking you inside the Stephen King novel and Warner Bros franchise’s “The Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse” in Hollywood, California, ahead of the film's release and by beware, we mean, BEWARE!

“I’m excited and scared,” Sis shares in the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie in the video above, before making her way into the creepy world of Pennywise along with OAWRS producer Erica. “I’m excited and scared; I honestly don’t know what to expect…”

The main attraction of the creepy pop-up is a funhouse walk-through similar to a scary haunted maze, but, here, fans of IT will be transported into scenes directly from the novel and movie.

If you don’t believe us, watch back the full episode above, because, yes, Pennywise himself is RIGHT. THERE. 😱


“I’m freaking out,” Sis exclaimed after screaming her way through the maze. “I’m dripping sweat! So. if you like getting scared, it’s really, really good; If you don’t like getting scared, you’re gong to be really scared.”

As for producer Erica?

“I don’t ever want do that again,” she expressed. “I grabbed on to a poor random woman!”

Watch back the experience above and be sure to catch IT Chapter Two in theaters September 6.

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