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Ryan Seacrest Thanks Siete Founder for Changing His Life

Foodie dreams do come true and they’re in the form of Siete food brand products. Ryan Seacrest connected with one of his favorite snack creators, Siete co-founder Veronica Garza, on-air on Thursday, August 1, and learned more about her inspiring journey from battling autoimmune conditions to raising $90 million in funding for the grain-free family owned company. 

“You’ve changed my life,” Ryan told Veronica On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Thursday. “I just want you to know a year ago I discovered your chips … and I’m like ‘These are good! How can hey be as healthy as it says?’ So I read the back and then I see a picture of your family and the story of your family and I fell more in love with the product and now I take these chips into restaurants and ask permission instead of the greasy chips … I travel with them!”

Veronica explained that her family created the brand after she adopted a grain-free, low inflammation diet in order to alleviate and manage symptoms resulting from multiple autoimmune disorders. The products, which range from their first almond flour tortilla to now hot sauces and sprouted bean dips, are all grain free, paleo, non GMO, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan.

“My family and I started this business in 2014 and really it came about from one product hat I had started making really just to solve a problem,” Veronica shared. “I have multiple autoimmune conditions that I was diagnosed with when I was 17 years old and … had changed my diet to remove a lot of things that were causing inflammation … but the cool thing about it that made it easier for me to do was my whole family started eating that way with me,” she continued of her family of seven, hence the name Siete.

“I experimented by making products I was missing,” she added. “And … the one thing that was such a staple in our lives and really important to our culture … was a tortilla, so I decided to get in the kitchen and see if I could develop something that was at least reminiscent of a tortilla … and we just started making those on a weekly basis … and we finally had something on the table.”

Watch back the full interview above to learn more and check out your local health food or grocery store to pick up Siete products today!