Sisanie's Latest Mom Tip: Build a Play Kitchen!


Pro mom tip alert! With her twins now both walking up and about, Sisanie decided to build a play kitchen for them to put in her own kitchen and it was the best decision ever!

“I built a play kitchen and I was actually very proud of myself for doing this because I thought maybe Michael would do it and he didn’t so I said, ‘You know what? I have time today so I’m going to build this kitchen’ and it took me 4 hours and that was with a lot of trial and error situations, however, it was fairly easy,” Sisanie shares in the latest Off-Air With Sisanie above.

Time and difficulties aside, the finished product was a serious hit with twins Aiza and Maxon.

“I do not advise using a drill on toys because drills can be too powerful,” Sisanie added. “And you could overuse it so I used a normal screw driver … I would highly recommend it — the kids love it!”

The toy also helps keep them distracted when mama needs to actually cook their own food!

Watch back the full episode above to see more cuteness and sound off in the comments with your current favorite toy for kids

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