Ryan Seacrest Attempts to Track Down Unused Team Photoshoot and LOL


Can we get a new billboard or what? 😂 Ryan Seacrest hilariously tried to track down a team photoshoot from a year ago on-air on Wednesday, July 24, in an attempt for more show marketing and the moment turned into a hilarious interoffice game of telephone.

“Apparently at the iHeartRadio Music Festival [in Las Vegas last year] we did a photoshoot backstage, do you remember?” Ryan asked an iHeartMedia assistant on-air on Wednesday. “…Have you seen the photographs? Funny, because none of us have seen the photographs [and] we were told this was a mandatory photoshoot and [we never saw them].”

Marketing coordinator Emily explained to Ryan that she believes they “were going to be used for promo” and that she previously forwarded over approved photos to On Air With Ryan Seacrest VP Jen.

“We have looked at all of them,” Jen then hilariously added to Ryan’s suspicion. “There have been a group of people who have looked at all of them — it’s been a long process of choosing photos.”

“Is this a competition show?” Ryan hilariously responded. “… The question we have is [are we going to use them?] Is there some big campaign to promote this and the morning show with this photoshoot that was so mandatory? … We’re getting the run around from our own iHeart team!”

The verdict? While the team attempts to “track down” said photos, Ryan is leaving it to the listeners.

“We should have the listeners tell us where would you like to see the billboards? What on your [commute] is a great spot [for a billboard]? … What are the top 5 [spots] that would be seen? … When you see the photo you will know that as them last year,” he jokingly concluded. “It will be great marketing, like, 'I wonder what they look like now?'”

Sound off in the comments or on social @OnAirWithRyan and stay tuned for the photos as we attempt to uncover the shoot 😂

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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