Should You Co-Sleep With Your Kids? Sisanie and Patty Discuss Parenting


Do you co-sleep with your kids? In the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie, Sis and Patty discuss parenting. 

KIIS FM’s Patty Rodriguez is mom to sons Alexander, 8, and Oliver, 3, and co-sleeps while Sisanie, mom to 14-month-old twins Aiza and Maxon, doesn’t. 

The convo came up after Sisanie came across an Instagram ad for a king-sized bed that features a guardrail around fit for co-sleeping families. 

“I’m OK with it,” Patty shared, revealing she has been co-sleeping with her boys since the day they were born. “… It’s comforting — I like knowing that my kids are safe at night.”

Sisanie on the other hand doesn’t co-sleep and actually gets anxiety because she is such a sound sleeper. 


“I feel like I’m a terrible mom because I do not wake up in the middle of the night and if it weren’t for Michael, I don’t know if I’d ever hear them,” she admitted. “[I sleep] like a rock … and this was my biggest fear before I had kids.”

Sisanie explained that her husband will be on baby duty at night to allow for her to sleep with her early morning work schedule. That said, when it comes to putting them down for the evening, it’s a task Sisanie cherishes.


“I cherish the moments of putting them to bed … I sing my song, I read a book … it’s the best thing … I love those moments.” 

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