Tanya Rad Went on the Most Amazing Futuristic First Date Ever

OK, we’re smitten. Tanya Rad went on the cutest futuristic first date ever. Our favorite eligible bachelorette revealed on-air on Monday, July 8, that she connected with a man recently, but the only issue is he doesn’t live in Los Angeles. Distance, however, proved not to be an issue and their first date was seriously adorable. 

“We met through a work thing and we started talking every day since and he doesn’t live here but said … ‘I’d really love to take you to dinner and get to know you,’" Tanya recalled to Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie. "So I said, ‘Let’s improvise and have a FaceTime date' -- it was the cutest thing ever! We both bought the same bottle of wine and we set a time and I spent like an hour before he was supposed to call like figuring out where to put my computer,” she hilariously added, referring to finding the perfect light. 

“I had already eaten and he was eating and we stayed on[line] for like 6 and a half hours. It’s crazy,” Tanya continued, confirming they hit it off.


Ryan, who has since dubbed the mystery man “Mr. FaceTime” or “Dr. Screentime,” is cautious of the long distance but agreed the FaceTime and virtual shared bottle of wine was a nice touch.

“I’m open to the possibility, but I’m not attached to the outcome,” Tanya agreed. “But I find it to be so natural and easy, the convo, that … my gut is telling me [to go for it].”

What do you think of a virtual FaceTime first date? Would you go for it?

Listen back to the on-air moment above for more!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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