Sisanie Shares Her Journey to ‘OAWRS’ and Top 3 Career Tips!


Long before Sisanie was Ryan Seacrest’s cohost, she thought she was going to be an artist! In the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie in the video above, Sis shares her road to On Air With Ryan Seacrest and what led her to radio as well as three tips you too can take into consideration to score your dream job!

Sisanie shared that in high school she worked for her school’s news station, where she even had her own segment dubbed “Sisanie’s Sidewalk Talk”!

“Then I went to college and I thought I was going to become a news anchor, but I just decided to change my mind,” she explained. “And I switched to art and ended up graduating San Diego State University with an art degree with an emphasis in multimedia.” 

During college, however, she also worked at a cinnamon roll shop for a restaurant owner who happened to be on the radio, Butch the Baker on Channel 933. It was he who encouraged Sisanie to intern at the local radio station at age 19.


“I never honestly considered radio because I always knew I wanted to do some sort of TV and then I kind of just gave up on that dream … [but], as soon as I saw a studio and how a show was broadcasted, I was hooked!”

Watch back the full video for more, including to get Sisanie’s top 3 tips on landing your dream job!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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