How Lil Dicky Cast All the Superstars in 'Earth'

Lil Dicky’s hilarious new song and animated video "Earth" not only features over 30 superstar artists ranging from Justin Bieber to Ariana Grande to Sia to Ed Sheeran, it also casts them as different animals and elements on our planet.

Miley Cyrus is an elephant, Wiz Khalifa is a skunk, Halsey plays a lion cub, but with so many stars and beasts to match together how did Lil Dicky decide what creature each artist would be?

"I treated it like a movie, where you have roles and you gotta be a good casting agent," he explains. "I just thought about who would be the funniest voice for x,y & z and I logically went about it. Like the clam, it needs to be an angry, aggressive voice. Because it’s a short quick angry burst and I thought ‘Who’s better than Lil Jon's voice?'"

Lil Dicky made "Earth" for more than just a laugh, he’s trying to help save our planet. For more info head over to


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