Are Ariana Grande & Big Sean Rekindling Their Relationship?

Image: Getty

Rumors are circling that this celeb couple may be reconciling are NEGATIVE! Us Weekly reported that Ariana Grande and Big Sean will not be rekindling their relationship anytime soon..."Ariana and Big Sean have remained in contact, but neither of them are looking for anything serious (or) romantic...and the pair are friends."

It got me realizing something! This is really becoming a trend these days, being friends with your ex. These celebs couples have done it...Demi Lovato and Wilmer, which we LOVE. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, she even hangs with him and his wife Nikki Reed!

So, friends with an ex...super on trend in 2019! Also I feel like Ariana Grande kinda started this trend with her song, "Thank U, Next. Like you CAN be thankful and grateful for someone being in your life, but move on to the next! I feel like lyric was truly formative of a generation and I LIVE for it.

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