Why Mike Posner is Literally Walking Across America

Yesterday, Mike Posner took the first steps on his new project, quite literally.

It isn’t a music project at least in the classic sense.

The "Cooler Than Me" singer is walking all the way across America from New Jersey, toward his hometown of Detroit, where he’ll turn southwest for Venice, California.

He's loaded his phone with 500 albums including many rarer works by legendary artists he loves, whose catalogs he hasn’t fully explored.

He plans to perform along the way for free at various venues.

The walk is something he has dreamed of for years, but following the deaths of his dad and good friend Avicii, he realized he couldn’t wait forever.

And as far as his motivation for the 2,942 mile hike, Mike tells Billboard:

"The first 30 years of my life, I've set a goal out in front of me and worked like hell to get it. I always felt like something is wrong until I get there. On this walk...I have to figure out how to be in love with where I am right now. That would be good and be a skill that would benefit my life ahead.


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