Sisanie's Twins Aiza and Maxon Are Almost 1!


They grow up so fast! Sisanie’s twins Aiza and Maxon are just one month away from turning 1! In the latest Twinning Tuesday update, Sis shares that her babies are learning new things daily. 

“This week Aiza learned where her head is,” Sis shared. “I’ll ask her, ‘Aiza, donde esta tu cabeza?’ And she’ll pat her head and smile!”

Maxon also learned a new trick this week.

“Maxon learned how to give a kiss,” Sis added of her sweet baby boy. “I say, ‘Maxon, dame un besito’ and he’ll lean in and sloppily kiss me.”

Aiza also put her mama through another real moment after she threw up again 😬

“While we were on the 101 freeway, Aiza got sick and threw up all over herself and her car seat!,” Sis shared. “We had to pull over at a random gas station and assess the situation. She was fine but man, that was the most puke we’ve ever had to clean up.”

Find out more in the latest Twinning Tuesday update above. 

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